In my sessions with each student, I help students, in a personalized way, with grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary difficulties. Also, depending on each person’s ability and understanding, I go above and beyond what you will normally find in the average language course.

My experience with two languages, in my lifetime, has been, and continues to be, a journey toward more knowledge and more understanding. A person’s life should be a self-directed adventure toward awareness, not only of oneself, but of the language and its words that each person employs in their own experience.

Language and it’s power to create experience is of utmost importance. The use and the meaning of words that people employ project power and command, over one’s own life and experience, or the opposite. I have learned, continually and constantly, that this knowledge of language, in this long experience, in the study of mind together with language, is truly powerful knowledge for learning how to forge one’s path towards one’s chosen destiny, one’s chosen path. We always have a choice in the words we use and in the direction we want to go, however, sometimes life chooses for us and we must flow like water, either with it or around it. Never give up your dream, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

The journey through two different languages and cultures is not an easy task. Constant, persistent and dedicated work is needed to enter a new language, a new world, in order go in the direction one desires. Without a vision of where one wants to go in life, how will you begin the discovery of the steps needed in order to get to your destination? This knowledge and understanding is what I attempt to convey to students in order to help them to begin to understand the process of becoming aware.

Awareness is the key and the tool needed to begin to know and understand the importance of not only learning, but in acquiring a second language. To become more aware in another language must become a part of one’s own world and experience together with their first language.

Language and culture cannot be separated, even though they appear distinct in their own right. Language is culture and culture is language. Both intertwine to create the world that each language wants or desires. Each language and culture has its own vision and understanding of this world. in order, to fulfill a people’s journey towards self-realization one must become aware of language’s power to do just that.