The key to learning a language is to go beyond being a passive learner and become active and self-motivated! Learn to tutor yourself! What you learn from a language teacher who will guide you, hopefully, to understand language, how it operates and what it can mean by the words you choose to express your thoughts, your world-view and your opinions. Learn to communicate clearly, concisely and intelligently.

Language is culture and culture is language [The word culture is from the Latin cultus, worship].

Everyone, from the individual all the way to nation states, cultivates, as a whole, a way of being or living in this world. Language reflects the culture and reflects the people who speak their own language. It shows the world who they truly are through their actions and general nature and it shows the world they have created for themselves. Observe and decide if your language and what you think as an individual and as a citizen of your country reflects who you truly are, especially, as a unique individual. Life, ultimately, is about the journey of self-realization towards ever and ever more perfection. Remember, perfection is a journey not a goal. Perfection, we think, can be attained, however, just when you think you are perfect there is always more that can be perfected. Perfection is always a goal to work towards, whether as an individual, a nation or as a planet, always for the greater good or for the greater evil. Each decides the direction he or she is headed towards. The choice is always before us. Moment by moment, step by step, we take road towards what we wish to do in life or not.

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Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Liberty, Equality and Justice.

Being responsible for one’s actions in the moment by moment choices we make.

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I love well-made films or well-written books both classic and contemporary that generate thought and deep contemplation of the vicissitudes of the human dilemma and possible solutions to our problems. By reading, we can explore and maybe adapt to our own lives, as an individual, a nation or a planet, the many ideas that are in the world. Again, for good or for the opposite.

I enjoy films very, very much, from serious, intelligent dramas to those that are just fun, light or comedic and, also, those that are avant-garde and interesting in a new way, and to help see life in a different light.

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I value gnosis in a world that values belief more than actual knowledge, experience, being and learning through the use of logic and reason balanced together with the heart in order to choose between good or evil, moment by moment, on the road of our journey through life. Our choice determines our experience. To truly know oneself and to be oneself is to be true to the world. Constantly, we must exercise a choice between good or evil at every waking moment. If we are true to ourselves we will be true to everyone and never do any wrong or false thing. Would we do what we don’t like for ourselves to others in life?

We are each human and we make mistakes, however, learning from them is what is most important and then avoiding the same mistakes into the future is the goal. We need to know our past and then learn from it and journey towards our future based on that.

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I value anarchonism in a world of supposed “leaders” or “rulers” that believe more in outer and inner control of others rather than controlling themselves both outwardly and inwardly.

Governments and/or political power, whether elected or not, are supported by the super-wealthy and the super-elite of this world in order to collude, control and manipulate the world we live in for themselves and not for their own nation or for humanity and the planet as a whole.

On this planet there is no real unison between individuals and their nations nor between individual nations and the whole planet yet. The world is playing with serious fire. The world is only beginning to awaken to what individual actions can cause when, without thinking of the whole. Actions, without serious thought, can do harm to our fragile societies and to our environment just as we have observed. If there is a part of the whole that is rotten, this rottenness, eventually, will destroy the whole, too. We are clearly seeing it happen and nothing really serious is being done. It’s as if the world is locked in a dream state of unreality. It’s almost as if the world has truly become criminally and morally insane. We are at the most important crossroads in the history of humanity but yet, it seems nothing is being done to really and seriously change direction.

*Latin archōn, from Greek arkhōn, from present participle of arkhein, to rule. An archon is a ruler, a leader, a high official. The prefix ‘an’ in the word ‘anarchonism’ is Greek for ‘not’, ‘without’, ‘lacking’. I purposely chose the word anarchonism to avoid the word anarchy which has lost its original meaning and now is associated with the idea of chaos and destruction. That is not what the idea of real anarchy is about, not at all.

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It is your natural right as a free, sentient, living being to be and do as you please, in peace, unharmed and undisturbed, except for doing that which harms, disturbs or takes away another sentient living being’s right to be or do the same.

The word conscience is originally from the Latin com [together, with, joint, jointly] and sciere [to know]. Possession of a conscience, the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong is, under Natural Law, common sense.

Know the Law: A living being must be harmed physically, emotionally or spiritually or defrauded in some way in order for a violation of Natural Law rights to have taken place.

Rights that do not exist for an individual cannot be granted by man’s law to any other individual or to any group of individuals. For example, I, personally, do not have the right to tell you how to live your life, yet that is exactly what government and society does to the whole of individuals.

Do we choose actions that are:

Right or Wrong?

Correct or Incorrect?

Based in Truth or not based in Truth?

Moral or Immoral?

Based in Natural Law or not based in Natural Law?

Our actions, if based in Natural Law, will not result in harm to other sentient beings.

Our actions if not based in Natural Law will result in harm to other sentient beings.

Know your Rights.

It is best to understand Rights in the apophatic sense; to know which actions are NOT Rights because they can cause harm.

Natural Law holds true regardless of population.

When in doubt as to whether an action is in harmony with Natural Law, visualize the scenario of a world with only two people.

Exercise of conscience is the willful choosing of right action over wrong action, once the definitive knowledge between right and wrong under Natural Law has been acquired.

Mark Passio, Natural Law In 10 Minutes

Mark Passio, Full 8-Hour Talk On Natural Law

Mark Passio, Full 9-Hour Talk: What On Earth Is Happening?

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Psychopaths and sociopaths should be prevented from leading a country by some form of serious psychological testing in a series of tests before he or she can become a candidate for public office. The results should be open to the general population to know the results.

All women and all men are equal! Each have rights and duties and never should anyone, ever, be subservient to another unless freely chosen by that individual to do so.

We must all bring the New World into total manifestation and not support the continuation of Old World activities which still exist and which will continue to exist as long as people continue to support systems which promote Old World ideas.

The Old World is still here. The New World has never come into being, yet. The Americas, North, Central and South were to be the example of the new world but they have all failed, precisely because of the same crystallized ideas which have not been transformed into superior ways of being.

What Happened To Humans?

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Old World ideas include, but are not limited to, these following actions:


War is collective insanity.

Murder becomes a right even in a defensive war which is insanity agreed upon by all concerned. Humanity, consciously, as a whole, is not ready for a superior and far better way of life yet. That is why we have the world we can observe. Consciously, humanity is psychologically unbalanced and more than likely will remain that way for thousands of years into the future unless there is a great and real awakening in mind and in heart.

Massive Unemployment

For many in the world there is no chance for a decent life and many will only know substandard living, extreme poverty and misery in a truly, abundant world. This is another form of mass insanity.

Unhealthy, Destructive Competition

We need competition of the mind that doesn’t destroy one another but elevates all of us together. Cooperation is far superior to blind competition, ultimately, but the world still reveres the competitive, social-Darwinian idea of destroying one’s competitor by any means necessary. Human beings should have risen above that by now in the 21st Century and should have created a healthy, mindful competitive environment but it hasn’t, and it won’t, until mass consciousness and mass conscientiousness becomes the norm once and for all time.

Lack of Real Education

The word education originated from the Latin word educere, to ‘lead out’, meaning to encourage the development of the “gift” that each and every individual human being brings into this life.

“Education” in the modern world, generally, is indoctrination. It is not about learning HOW to think but WHAT to think.

Unfettered Greed

Just observe the human world and see the great chasm that exists between those at the top and those at the bottom of this world. This is not to say that everyone should be the same or have the same amount of wealth by any means, however, there is something wrong, extremely wrong, in a natural world of abundance where poverty only exists in the human-created world. Nature, by its own virtue, is very abundant. It always has been and it always will be. However, humans, created their own systems of producing lack as a by-product.

Artificially-created, distinct and destructive social classing of human beings is a human creation and psychologically destructive to the true nature of every newborn child who is a blank template of possibility that if nurtured in a truly, loving, creative world that would allow and that would guide the young mind to discover their own treasure within themselves it would be more difficult to produce a society that allowed the very few to have their own way at the expense of everyone else. When so few have, absurdly, way too much than they need and where the majority have much, much less or barely enough to survive and where many have zero, it’s no wonder we have the world we see. We need a world of balance, true justice and the chance to have a world to thrive in, not just to survive. Poverty is the creation of human-beasts, not human beings! Only beasts could allow what we see in this world. We need humane, human beings! Poverty is not found in nature anywhere. Even a desert is rich in its own way. Scarcity is a lie. It is a word created by humans for human purposes. The world, literally, throws away food every single day while people have very little or starve somewhere nearby. The planet, currently, has become smaller. With all the possibilities we have now in transportation, people are still experiencing starvation.

We all have participated in the creation of poverty in a world of absolute abundance by accepting untruths. Even in the richest country in the history of the world, the United States of America, there is poverty. Why is that?

Observe the natural world, without humanity, that we see and live in. Do you really see poverty there? No! And you will never see it because in Nature it simply is not that way at all.

For the the good of all we should have many levels of wealth like we see in Nature. Simplicity, a simple way of life, is not poverty. However, poverty as it exists now is a form of violence. Poverty, one day, will be a thing of the primitive, dead, unnatural, historical past. People, in the future, in a totally abundant world will look at history and when they see what humanity did in the past it will be totally shocking and unthinkable!

True wealth, inner goodness, reflected in the outer world, and altruism, should become the real value that is admired, not empty, outer wealth, empty rhetoric, theft, stealth, deception, greed and politics as usual. Politics is for the criminal mind, in general.

What world is this? What shores of what world are we truly on? What is humanity doing to itself?

Real wealth is to be truly humane. A humane, human being is someone totally incapable of destroying, in its negative, destructive form, anything or anyone, or allowing it to happen, whether directly or indirectly, to anyone or anything. We have the world we see today exactly as it is because we have done the opposite of what true human beings would do. We are ALL guilty because the world we see is who we are. We are, mostly, still human beasts.

Authoritarian Power and Control

No single individual, no single nation or no single planet has any authority, whatsoever, to tell any single individual, any single nation and, into the far future, any single planet, what to be, what to do or what to have, unless, of course, it is harmful, detrimental or it is disturbing the peace of any other individual, any other nation or any other inhabited planet to be discovered in the far, far future! No single country on this planet, which really believes in a government of, by, and for the people should have the exclusive right, whatsoever, under threat of domination or violence, to tell other individuals, other states, other nations how and what to be, how and what to do, or how and what have, except, if it is in a truly democratic arena where all individuals in a community, city, state, country or nation, together and equally, decide, democratically, by one vote for each individual, each community, each state, each country, together as a whole, what should be done, collectively, if there are problems of harm, detriment or disturbance of the peace against any single individual, single community, single city, single state, or single country, or multiple individuals, multiple communities, multiple cities, multiple states or multiple nations that are threatened by such acts.

Whether a society is called “democratic”, or not, no single person, no single community, no single city, no single state, no single country nor any single group of persons, communities, cities, states, nor countries should make decisions which affect the welfare of the individual, the community, the city, the state or the country and, especially, the planet, the world community, without the agreement of all concerned.  All people need to know openly what is being decided in their name by their government. Secret deals should be a thing of the past. However, for a very long time, until real lasting peace after hundreds of years, then, and, maybe only then, can secrets be eliminated. Until that kind of lasting peace exists the world still needs secrets, especially, in cases of personal security for the individual, the community, the city, the state, the country and the planet. The world is far, far, far from perfect. Humanity cannot be trusted, as of yet, at all.

What is done in secret, usually, but not always, is to hide what shouldn’t be done openly. Surely, some secrets are necessary but eventually they need to be brought out into the open. Openness is the key to an open and free society. Unfortunately, in governments today, the people are the last to know anything of importance but, generally, they are always the first affected by anything negative that the few always impose on others but not on themselves. The powerful are always protected from negative kinds of action, however, in reality, they should be brought to justice for the evil they impose on the world. However, the way humans are now, it will be a long, long, long time before that happens.

In a democracy, as it is called nowadays, but which is not our true reality, are our leaders really and truly elected? Or are they selected to then be “elected”? Is the election process really gerrymandering? Is this really true? It seems so by many who are trying to change things. I am, also, speaking about how the media can manipulate, in one form or another, how voters choose their candidate(s). Remember, the word “government” come from the Latin gubernare “to steer, pilot, direct, rule, guide, govern”, in other words, “control”. The suffix -ment, comes from the Latin mens, mentis or mind. So, the word government, in English, means, virtually, mind control! There is a lot of controversy about this meaning, so you decide if you want to accept this idea or not. See: Govern + ment

Are leaders really “elected” by the People or is there something more sinister happening in this world?

Are they selected for us by money?

Remember, normally, we use money to buy or purchase things we need.

What about purchasing the mind or soul?

Money, for sure, can buy anything in this world! There are those, however, who are not for sale.

Selection of political candidates from what monied interests want or who these monied interests favor as a candidate is not true democracy because only the few can buy governments. People who want to serve in government should arise to prominence by their ideas, not by who can get the most money to run for office. A truly public amount of money, that all citizens, meaning individual human beings, and not corporations, would be a fairer and a more just way to finance political candidates. Corporations should not be allowed, at all, to influence the election process. Currently, in the U.S., since 2010, a corporation can now be considered a person because of a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Citizens United versus FEC. There is now an ongoing struggle by some citizens, i.e., human beings, of the U.S. to have the Supreme Court overturn that decision.

Do we really have democracy in this world?

Democracy, in its current form, is just an illusion. It is and has been created by the powerful to lull everyone into a deep sleep to think that their government is working for everyone when the reality is the complete opposite.

Education, as it is now, does not teach the young how to think but what to think. Most do not even know that they don’t know how to think. If they did, a revolution to change the balance of power for the whole of humanity would shift, overnight, real power to the people. Then, there really would be true democracy in this world. However, it’s not going to happen any time soon because the mass of people have been dumbed down, poorly educated not really think critically nor does the average person really have time to think because they are too distracted by the media, TV, the Internet and other forms of silly entertainment that take people away mentally beyond the reality of their own lives. In reality, they are constantly being robbed of their energy (money and other forms) in one form or another.

If the world is to change, the mass of people need true education where they can think much more critically than they are capable of doing now. If that were to happen, if that were permitted, the world’s consciousness would really shift dramatically but, until then, the world will continue in its old ways, as it has been for millennia, until people wake up and see the horror, the true horror of the occulted reality by what appears to be a “good” world. The physical planet, without humanity, is neither good. nor evil. It is just what it is. Humanity, however, is another question. Humanity is the only species on the planet who has created the perfect destruction machine that has affected every single aspect of this planet. It’s only the beginning. The industrial age began in the 1800s. Humanity’s best achievement, so far, has been to create a worldwide machine that is destroying every single part of the planet.


What an acomplishment that is!

Bravo! ! ! !

I’m sure Mother Nature will reward us very, very well in the coming years.

Real citizen leaders of advanced thinking and high ideals need to lead the way, not petty, selfish, egotistical politicians their minions and their accomplices and bosses in the business world.

Not all politicians, everywhere, are evil, however, most of them have sold out to money and power.

Politics, as it is now, should be a thing of the past, the dead, forgotten past. Maybe, one day it will be.

Politicians*, by definition, deceive. They are skilled in this art like so many other fields of endeavor. Deception is the general rule and has become more and more normalized that, in reality, no one cares anymore. People must love them because they still vote.


Whatever the few powerful people, meaning the elite and most corporations, gain in privileges or supposed rights should also be applicable to the individual, immediately, because corporations are persons, right? If corporations truly are persons then all human beings, who are persons, should have the same rights equal to the corporations and equal access to government. If corporations can get away, legally, with paying no taxes, well then, so should the individual citizen.

Humanity is still in the bestial state as depicted by the Great Sphinx from ancient Egypt, half human, half beast. However, I’m beginning to think that many are less than 50% human. The Sphinx is one of the greatest symbols visible for all of humanity to see. Obviously, after thousands of years, nothing has changed concerning humans, except for the outer aspects we observe. The inner form of humanity is still, basically, the same. Humanity needs to shed its bestial nature, eventually, and stand up erect, tall and proud, as what we were meant to be: humane, human beings, proud but not in the egotistical sense. To be is more important and far superior than to do or to have which is what the world still adores and, perhaps, always will. At this point in time, especially, the vast majority of the so-called “powerful” and “mighty” of this world are really the truly poor and impoverished, despite their grandiose, outer wealth. They are, usually, but not always, mediocre human beings because they never will, nor can they ever really change their values of thinking that physical wealth is superior to the invisible, inner wealth of the mind, heart and soul. The true forms of non-physical wealth are inner truth, inner beauty, inner goodness, responsible liberty, true equality and equal justice for all.

This world needs, eventually, to transform poverty into a dignified simplicity where everyone lacks for nothing basic such as: food, a good education, dignified housing, true health-care (not sick-care) and ways of earning a true, living wage. The whole planet can awaken and demand it be so, without violence, without retribution, without bloodshed nor without taking away anything from the physically powerful and the physically wealthy!

Mediocrity in public service should be a thing of the past!

We need tools to be able to prevent mediocre people from being in positions of public power in the first place.

Tests, such as, but not limited to psychological tests would prevent psycho and sociopaths from obtaining power over others and would be a good first step to filtering out, from political service, those that are not fit. People need to know who their leaders truly are as best as can be determined through psychology and psychiatry. The results of tests should be publicly and openly available. Politicians, who want to be elected, should be able to explain the results of their test in public. in open forum for all to see. The public should be able to question them thoroughly and in a way where citizens’ questions will not be screened, at all, in order to avoid inconvenient inquiry. True democracy and true liberty demands this be so because if someone or a group is to have that kind of power everyone needs to know who and what the political candidates truly represent. Privacy, in a public office, should be non-existent as long as the individual is in public service. A public office has to be transparent. Transparency should be the price to pay if anyone wants to be in power in a public office.

Privacy is for private people but not for those who choose to be in a public office. Surprise questions, not screened questions, at a pubic hearing to question public candidates will really show the people who the candidates are and will show how these politicians answer their questions. Citizens need to be able to ask the hard questions that the media do not ask usually, especially, the mainstream media.

A real, true revolution is a conscious, peaceful revolutionary event from within every individual exercising free will, as well as every individual nation and as a planet.

When will we finally start a real revolution in consciousness?

How You Are Enslaved And Why You Don’t Know It

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Take a look at how “modern”, industrialized, corporate management of the meat industry treats innocent creatures that the majority eat every single day and how they are handled, mistreated, tortured and, then, finally, without mercy, slaughtered. Even if they were treated humanely, don’t they have a right to live out their natural lives as we do? How would you like to be served for dinner. Maybe, one day, an inter-planetary or inter-galaxy spaceship will arrive and begin to collect humans for dinner. How would you feel? What we do to the animals we certainly do to each other and ourselves. It can’t be any different that what the inter-planetary or inter-galaxy cruel beings would do. What we do to animals is cruelty beyond belief but yet the world goes on like nothing is happening. However, humanity, even when unconscious to this reality, will still suffer the effect of their actions like every other creature does.

How dead in mind and heart can human beasts be?

This is just unbearable and every year goes by and the world talks of peace but nothing is done really to promote it, at all, ever. It needs to start at the table where humans consume their nutrition. Is this the way to treat sentient, innocent beings? How we treat these innocents is how we treat all innocents in one way or another. Ever notice that humans eat mostly vegetarian animals and not carnivores? This is the reality of this world!

Meet Your Meat

 + + +


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True freedom means responsibility! Our actions based on our thoughts means we need to correct the poor results we create. If one person is suffering, then, we all suffer and, if we are wrong, if we allow something bad to happen, eventually, we will all suffer the consequences, in one way or another. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction as Newton discovered! Imagine the powerful force of good for the benefit of all!

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Respect for all living sentient beings through non-aggression.

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What do we choose?

Power to build or power to destroy?

Humanity, as a planet, has to decide.

The solution to this world and its problems is really very simple or is it?

Democracy may be “mob rule” but what do we have now? A select few who are the “mob”? It seems so. In English, “the mob”, is the same as “the mafia”. What we have is a worldwide group who act like the mafia because they are instruments to funnel the whole earth’s wealth to very, very few on this planet, the 1%.

Everyone makes mistakes but leaders need to make sure to leave a way to correct them as soon as possible. When there is a change in the government, the Great Work of becoming humane, whether it be as an individual, country or planet, must always continue or the world we see, which is in total chaos, will always be the norm. Order is, for sure, not humanity’s way presently.

World leaders need to think of themselves as real leaders, not glorified male and female prostitutes, ready to do anything for influence and wealth. Leaders will never admit to being glorified prostitutes, however, this is what they have become, more and more as time passes.

A government of citizens is needed, not old world royalty, whether by family lineage or economic stealth. Power in the hands of the few means no power for the many. Royalty is not a right or a divine right; it is a privilege bestowed upon and invented by humans. Sometimes it was gained through honesty, hard work, dedication and real humane, human values for the good of the State and the People but it has also been gained by opposite values. We are seeing, more and more, and a lot clearer now, as time passes by, that the uncontrolled desire for money, greed, power and control have always been the way of this world and, more than likely, it will always be that way.

Money, in and of itself, is neutral. It is a means for the exchange of energy, our individual energy, which we used to earn our money, therefore, the reason for the word “currency” or money, to reflect that exchange of energy such as electricity which powers machines.

If money is a form of speech, it surely seems to be speaking the word “bribery”. Even if government declares money to be a form of freedom of speech, to declare it as legal by the Supreme Court, as it was done in the U.S. in 2010, what the government is saying now is that bribery is completely legal now. However, bribery, throughout human history, has been universally an unethical and immoral thing to do. So, what have we done, instituted unethical and immoral behavior as law? It appears to be so.

Universal ideas of truth, goodness, beauty, liberty, equality and justice for the good of all, and true action, for the benefit of all, are the only True Royal* Way. A class of people who consider themselves “royal”, while around them is starvation, is by no means royal. So, is starvation, disease and poverty royal and magnificent?

*Etymology of the word “royal”: from  www.etymonline.comThe word royal is from the Old French “roial” which means royal, regal; splendid, magnificent.

Leaders need to learn one thing and that is to be listeners, not lecturers!

What are the people of a country really saying? Do leaders really listen?

The world needs constant positive change, not crystallization.

New is not, necessarily, or always better. Eternal ideas and/or values are the way. Eternal values are real. Presidents, kings, queens or any kind of so-called “leader”, no matter the title, are only true leaders if they are doing what’s best for everyone (the individual, the country, the planet).

Listen to the speech below in the film With Honors. It’s not only about the U.S., it’s a UNIVERSAL idea that can be applied everywhere.

Source: Some of the ideas above in this section, XI, come from the film With Honors [1994]:

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You Walk In Two Realities

+ + +

The Natural World we find ourselves in is an Open Book.

Learn to read from it, what to do and what not do.

+ + +