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Refund Policy

You have the right to cancel your purchase within thirty days of purchase or thirty days of receipt of the service purchased (whichever is the longer). Refunds will be made in full. To request a refund please email me via the ‘Contact’ link stating your details and the item(s) purchased and when they were purchased. Refunds will be made to the form of payment used at the time of purchase.  Thirty-consecutive-day packages, once started, have to be completed in one month (30 days) and will not be refunded.

A Promise

As your tutor, I promise to be prepared to have our session(s) at our agreed scheduled time each week. Except for emergencies, I will give you at least 24 hours notice if I need to reschedule. My failure to otherwise show up for a session earns you a FREE session.

As my student, you promise to be prepared and on time for your session at our agreed scheduled time each week. Except for emergencies, you will give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule. Failure to give me fair notice will forfeit your payment for that session. Thirty-consecutive-day packages have to be completed within a month (30 days) even if you are a no-show for any session.

If you are late for a scheduled session, you will lose the time and not be credited the lost minutes. For example, if you were supposed to show up for a 60 minute session at 1:00 pm but you arrived on Skype, for whatever reason, at 1:30, the session will be for only 30 minutes.

If you don’t arrive on Skype for a scheduled session and never told me you would miss it, you will lose the credit for that session.

You must tell me 24 hours ahead of time if you want to change a scheduled session. Your sessions will expire after 360 days from purchasing them. If you don’t take all of your purchased sessions within 360 days, you will lose the credit for those lessons.

If you go 30 days without taking a session without contact the tutor AND you stop returning the tutor’s emails or Skype chats to schedule a new session, you will lose all of your credit for the remaining sessions.

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