For Serious Pro-Active Students Only


Intermediate Level

B1* / B2*


Advanced level

C1* / C2*


* C.E.F.R. Levels

Common European Frame of Reference


The purpose of my conversation sessions is to improve
what you already should know, i.e., how to learn English.
If, not, then you need to know and you need to do it



 What is your goal?


Do you know where you are going in life?

Do you know where you are going with English?

Are you focused?

Do you pay attention?


Students should be in contact with English every day.

Listen, read, speak, and, most importantly, listen, even if is for 15 minutes every day.

You must do something, at least, every day, if you want to learn and acquire the language! 


There is a big difference between learning a language and acquiring it.

Do you know the difference?